The Pleasure of Acceptance I have tried to be / uplifted / through the planes of books / lining our geometry...

The Pleasure of Acceptance
Mark Studin

I have tried to be
through the planes of books
lining our geometry
standing above the church’s frescoed vault
where all the steeple rafters bow in rising to a point
of (nearly) rectifying fault
and there is a small hole
no bigger than a robin’s eye or a BB or a wishbone’s fused joint
that lets in a needle of light
and tawdry sky

/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/// \/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/

In our second and third families
the children slip into deep sleep
you in the old house
and I in this small room
with pine rocker and elbow lamp
(nothing else)
forefinger in my ear, one foot
on the other’s pulse


The home-made plumb bob we used to stud the walls
was silk-white string round and round a thick lead waist
one half-encased in heaven, the other in another place
And which belongs where?
come and gone and come and stayed like unfounded grace.


Mark Studin is a former civil engineer and stay-at-home dad. He lives in Ithaca, New York, USA.



Visual arts have attracted Chloé Ip from a very young age. After completing a course in photojournalism, she made her debut as a photographer. After several years in the field, Chloé found a refuelled passion in the form of visual art, and more specifically, the art of collage. Self-taught, Chloé learnt collage techniques, first in the digital form, creating incoherent worlds, female figures and flowers being recurring themes in her works. Further mastering her digital collage skills, Chloé perfected herself in handmade collages, sometimes with a touch of paint, or other times with illustrations. By late 2014, Chloé revealed her work through social networks, through which she earned her reputation as a collagist. Approached by people in the art milieu, Chloé now has the opportunity to present her work to the general public.

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