Editorial Team


Alexandra d'Abbadie HeadshotAlexandra d’Abbadie (@Alex_dAbbadie) is Anglo-Mauritian, child of diaspora. BA and MA in English literature, Durham University. Words in Electric Lit, Platypus Press, Squawk Back etc. 

Justin YW Lau (@justinywlau) was born in Singapore and raised in Japan. This Japlish-speaking TCK holds a BA and MA in English Literature from Durham University, UK where he specialised in comics. His Japan-related fiction have been published in The Missing Slate, Bunbury and elsewhere.

Poetry Editors:

Jack Caithness Headshot

Jack Caithness was born in the UK to Finnish and English parents. He studied English Literature at Durham University and was longlisted (top 15) for Young Poet Laureate for London in 2014, with work published in ‘Podium Poets #2’ in August 2015. His poems are personal and often confessional, aiming to capture in new words everyday experiences and thoughts which he hopes readers may share. Read more and get in touch at jackcaithness.co.uk.

Eiffel Gao (@Eiffel-Gao) was born in a seaside town called Ninghai, in Ningbo, China. She graduated from Durham University with a BA in English, Classics and History of Art, and is currently an MA student of Creative Writing there. She started writing English poems in her final year, taking the module Creative Writing Poetry. Much she owes to her overseas experience, and much more still to her native tongue. A self-proclaimed painter, calligrapher, chess and Guzheng player; a professional dabbler in many areas with a stern attitude. Her poems have been published by Poetry Review and Shearsman.

Fiction Editor:

Jeweliann Houlette has spent her life hopping between Japan and both coasts of the US, and now currently resides and works in rural post-tsunami Japan. She received a BA in English Literature with a minor in East Asian Studies from Harvard University. She is new to fiction writing, but enjoys reading and editing other’s work. Along with that, she regularly exercises her creativity through meditative cooking while listening to everything from Bach to Erykah Badu.

General Editors:

Katja Garson HeadshotKatja Garson (@kmgarson) was born Finnish-British in coastal Lancashire, England. She received a BA in Geography from Durham University and an MSc in Environmental Governance from the University of Oxford. Alongside a love of the written word, she relishes exploring and entangling music, art and science, and believes that positive change is always possible. She enjoys baking Finnish pulla and experimenting (outside and inside) with shades of green.

Yasser Ali Nasser HeadshotYasser Ali Nasser was born in California but spent the majority of his life out in the Middle East and, more recently, in the UK, where he completed his Bachelor’s in History and went on to do a Master’s at Oxford in Modern Chinese Studies. He is now at the University of Chicago pursuing a PhD in History, but still manages to write in his spare time. Horror and fantasy remain his favorite genres!

Cheriel Neo HeadshotCheriel Neo was born in Singapore, and now lives in the south of England with her Glaswegian husband. She studied History and English at Oxford, then went on to do Japanese Translation in Edinburgh, and now works for a non-profit which specialises in funding sustainable social change. She enjoys thinking about community, faith, culture and poverty.