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Transect Magazine: Fiction Across Borders showcases short stories and poetry written by multiculturals from all over the world. By multiculturals, we mean cross-culturals, Third Culture Kids (TCKs), mixed-race, first, second, or even third generation immigrants. We cut across human borders, eradicating boundaries between nations, ethnic/racial groups, languages and cultures.

But we understand that culture is not limited to ethnicity. It expands into class, into different communities and regions interacting with each other. You could be of the same race, in one country, but of different cultures. Multicultural, in all senses.

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To date, we have featured work from 24 countries. All writings are based in Englishes, but we allow the usage and incorporation of different languages, giving multilinguals the freedom to tell their vibrant stories in various or mixed tongues.

We have been featured in The Wall Street Journal and READ (Research in English at Durham), and are listed on NewPages.com and Neon Books.

This international literary magazine is published online biannually. We are a free, independent magazine, but if you enjoy our work and would like to support us, please make a donation.

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